Tuesday, 8 March 2011


We're controversial. We take drugs, we drink, we smoke, we get our bits out, we wear gasmasks, we love graffiti and machetes and we swear. We look inside your heads and take what you're too scared to say and say it for you on a tshirt. We won't let you down and let you see someone else walking round in the same thing as you. We take the best photos and the best quotes and print them onto tee's, vests and jumpers for you. We only print a limited number of each design so you stay exclusive. We make young people laugh and old people gasp.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A week goes by...

Hey :)!

So it's been a week since we posted, not much to report really! We are expecting the new bunch of t-shirts and jumpers tomorrow which should be exciting!

Been getting loads of inspiration for new designs this week, so keep checking back for updates!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Scroobius Pip is even lovelier!

Today I noticed on Facebook that Scroobs would be driving from his hometown (Essex) to Fife (Scotland) and that we should all keep our eye out for him, so I commented saying he should come visit us here in the shop... and he did! Here he is modelling his jumper for us (This specific one has now been sold!)

It was obviously an amazing moment for me, as I'm amazed by his work and he is my ultimate inspiration in life, I managed to keep it cool but inside i was going crazy!Check my smile!

Money Burning.

 Finally took a few photos to go onto the next order of t-shirts! We decided to go a bit controversial again, and i'm really happy with how this came out! It will be printed onto a black t-shirt, I think the oranges will stand out amazing!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Texts or Photos?

I've been really struggling lately with getting inspired to take photo's to go onto tshirts, I've not been arranging shoots and spending too much time thinking of text designs. This is my latest text creation, and it will be printed onto a black tshirt. I think it'll work, but after this it's back to good ol' photographic tee's!


It's always the best thing ever when new stock arrives, we also took a trip to Castle Douglas on Monday to get loads of new bric-a-brac, here's a peek at what we're selling right now!

And the new clothing items;

Scroobius Pip is lovely!

This is our latest design, and also one of our most popular! We got in touch with good ol' Mr. Scroobius Pip to ask him if it was okay for us to print this, and he was amazing about it and gave us his permission to take his wise words and it's turned out to be quite the hit! Only 10 have been printed, and Scroobius himself has had one sent his way, which is exciting for us! This was the very first "text" print we'd done, it was amazing seeing the positive response, and it is something we're going to continue to do :)!

We're blogging!

How exciting! As we grow in the shop, we are trying to expand ourselves all over the internet too!

So, how did it all start? 

In Summer 2010, Gina and Stef worked at several music festivals in the UK, as they sat on their little stalls watching the drunk folk go by, they noticed peoples clothes more and more. It was then that they noticed a lot of people wearing photographic tshirts. It planted an idea that wouldn't leave their heads, especially since Gina was well into photography herself. When they settled their lives back into Manchester, they decided to go ahead with the idea, and opened a shop on the 3rd Floor of Afflecks, in Manchester in October 2010. 

We've worked bloody hard since then, providing you lovely people with new tshirts on a very regular basis, keeping our designs fresh and exclusive, and branching out into all sorts of other things! As well as expanding, we've moved spots! We're now sharing a shop on the second floor with the lovely Nel, who owns ONE MAN'S TRASH, and our shop is looking the best it's ever been :)!

The best thing about Exposure is our prices. We will never rip you off, or overcharge you. We're for the people, we're not in this to get rich, we're doing it because it's a passion for us and it gives us a massive sense of freedom!

We're lovers of all things quirky, cute and vintage, so it made sense for us to open up into the bric-a-brac category. We slowly built our collection up, which includes vintage suitcases, typewriters, drinks globes and other fabolous collectables! It was always gonna make sense for us to sell old school cameras, so we work our hardest to get our little mittens on the coolest cameras you'll find in Afflecks! 

If you can't get to Manchester, we've opened an online shop HERE! We send to all over the world so it doesn't matter where you are, you can buy from us at a fair price!